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Welcome to Team Dark Rose home page. We deal with everything from convention dates and times, to cosplay ideas and random anime discussions . We are always looking for people to talk to and meet. Hope you enjoy your stay. **Note** This is not a Bleach only group. We have done a lot of bleach stuff in the past, however we do other cosplays as well. ^.^

                                            "Let the honor of the Black Rose always be with you"

About TDR

I'd first like to start off by saying this group supports the Texas Cosplayers Group. This group was founded first but we support organization and meeting new people and making new friends. Enjoy the site 

Well in truth, we are all just a fun loving cosplay group, but we do much more then just cosplay. We like to do all kinds of things as well. We do things like help other people and members out, with both making and choosing cosplays, as well as doing panels and photo shoots. Now most of us are based out of the TX, LA, area but we are slowly branching out. ***Now don't let how far you are away fool you; you can still be a part of the group, hell be with us for long enough and we may even be able to get you down here for a few cons. Now we don't always just get really busy and end up not having time anything, that's the best part about what we do. We love cosplaying and just going to cons and making new friends and having a blast. Now as said before we are branching out to other places and if the numbers in those areas grow enough then each area will have it's own base of operations *or something like that*. Now we will have lots of regular members and what not, but we will also have people the have ranks and or positions so as to make our group more organized. Like me, i'm the head of the whole group or other wise known as the President a.k.a. "God Mode" lol jk. But thank you for your time and tell us a bit about yourself and your goals if you wanna join, also enjoy your time at our home. This is Ichigo OUT ><. ***Like our fan page here***











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