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My Name is Jonais LeBlanc, the guy you see as Ichigo here is me. I have lots of interests and some hobbies. I like to meet new people and surf the as such i decided to make this web site. I am about 5'9" and 145 Lbs. I love going to conventions and hanging with my friends so because of this I am out and about a lot unless i have nothing better to do. So make yourselves right at home and home you enjoy your stay at our site. Most of the people listed here are Co-Founders of this team but are not very active here. They are admins at the moment, and once things get going i will appoint new admins. 


(Currently Inactive) (Group Co-founder)

Hello! I am Nicole, I have so many interesting nicknames that I mostly respond to Nel, Neko, Witch, or Tifa.

I am an advent cosplayer and I really enjoy simple cosplays... But I can get detailed if I have to be. I am slowly slipping into horror cosplays as my Top priority, sad to say for the rest of the cheerfull little group. Right now my pride and joy of this is my witch cosplay from left 4 dead and my Tifa Lockhart Cosplay from FFVII: Advent Children.

Cosplaying strong suits? I guess wearing the cosplay? I really like applying make up and paint to the right bits and I guess making the goo-y effects for the horror stuff.

Hmm... anything else??? Ask!


(Currently Inactive) (Group Co-founder) 

(Site Owner notes) This member is a really good listener and quite the goof ball but has good ideas and is reliable when ever he can assist people. Currently married to Byakuya, (Nel-chan).


 (Currently Inactive) 
(Site Owners notes) In need of attention Captain sir -_-


 (Currently Inactive) 

My name is Britt Cutrer, but please called me Kio. I am currently working on a major in graphic arts and a minor in theatrical costume design. When not working on my degree, I make cosplays, draw, perform in musicals,  kick ass at video games and just act plain crazy. 


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(Site Owners notes) One of our random members but loves to play Gin Ichimaru and is just as goofy too boot. He's lots of fun to be around and more fun to joke with.

Kuroi Yuki


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